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In most states, state law dictates the placement of political signs--where, when and for how long they may be posted. The posting of political signs has been held by the U.S. Supreme court as a guaranteed right of free speech under the First Amendment of the Constitution, but there are limitations that vary by state, county and sometimes municipality.

Print and distribute yard signs as early as possible. Design simple signs with bright, "patriotic" colors. Don't bother with little flags or pictures. Save any policy discussions for your brochure.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when designing your political signs:

-Who (your name) and What (the office you are running for).

-Extra Issues:
If you are being re-elected, inclusion of RE-ELECT can be a plus as it distinguishes you as the incumbent. Words like VOTE and FOR and dates, NOV 8th, are used with caution as they are not necessary and can detract from your principal mission - presenting The Who and The What.

-Slogan -
A slogan is great tool to market your political name.

-Symbols -
school house (SCHOOL BOARD), a five- pointed star (SHERIFF), a balance scale (JUDGE), a donkey (DEMOCRAT), an elephant (REPUBLICAN), and many others.

-Disclaimer -
"Authorized and Paid for…" or whatever the exact wording and size and position is as dictated by your local and/or state election boards.

Political signs come in different sizes and media

(i.e. coroplast, aluminum metal, cardboard, pvc plastic, etc). They can either be screen printed with spot colors or be reproduced digitally with vibrant, beautiful colors.

There are many packages available, call us for details!


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